Dunlap High School Flight Club

Senator Chuck Weaver and his leadership organization, “Leaders Change Illinois” (LCI), are pleased to award a grant to the Dunlap High School Flight Club. The goal of the Flight Club is to teach, train, and expose high school students to the fast-growing business of aviation and flight while focusing on engineering and STEM as a future career. This grant will be used to purchase UAV’s (drones), rockets, and weather balloons. Flight and aviation needs have increased dramatically over the past several years and skilled operators are imperative. The funding will benefit club members and anyone who shows an interest in taking flight opportunities to the next level.

LCI Grantee(s): Dunlap High School Flight Club
Contact: zoebrand@dunlapstudents.net
Grantee Category: Kids
Amount Awarded: $1,000
LCI Champion Assigned: Tenley Damrow