P.A.M.E. (Performing Arts Master Classes and Events)

Silvia Garcia will use her grant to obtain 501c3 status for PAME (Performing Arts Master Classes and Events). Silvia brought together this group of people who are passionate about organizing events that help people in need and improve the quality of life for families. PAME recruits children as philanthropists by first bringing them awareness of problems around the world, then providing experiences for children to participate in innovative fundraising events and group activities. PAME is hosting an all-city dance event called Steps of Joy in Peoria in October. The event will feature International Broadway Star Bianca Marroquin, who played Roxie Hart in Chicago the Musical for 16 years.

LCI Grantee(s): P.A.M.E. (Silvia Garcia)
Grantee Category: Non-Profits
Amount Awarded: $1,000
LCI Champion Assigned: Roberta English